Neighborhoods in Baton Rouge

The city of Baton Rouge is located in the state of Louisiana, being the second largest city there. Being the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is a populated city, with many people working and living in the area. The number of persons who are relocating here increases annually, so the apartments in Baton Rouge are more and more popular.

The rent prices here are average, yet affordable, so anyone who has a good income can comfortably come and leave here. However, when looking for an apartment, there are some things to consider, especially if you are moving into a new, big city like Baton Rouge. One very important detail of any relocation is choosing the right neighborhood. As it can be a very pleasant experience to live in a beautiful area, it can also be very stressful to like on the dangerous side of the town. In order to make a good decision, look for a flat in Baton Rouge in the following neighborhoods.

The Beauregard Town is one of the finest areas in Baton Rouge. The principal street here is the Government Street, the neighborhood being bounded by North Street and St. Louis Street as well. When it comes to apartments, the area has several good apartment complexes and also homes for rent. The beautiful green spaces here make the area pleasant and easy to live in. Plus, the neighborhood is easily accessible.

The second area in Baton Rouge worth looking at when searching for a flat is The Garden District, which is located in the Mid City. The neighborhood is bounded by 18th Street and 22nd street, being a mixed historic district. Housing here is mostly homes, old homes converted for rent or lease, and the area also has some apartment complexes, so there is much to see here. The neighborhood is ideal to live in, as it is very close to the ocean, and it offers amazing views.

Another good place in Baton Rouge is the Inniswood, a 2.2 square mile neighborhood located in the east of the city, with a great and diverse community. The area is great for those who love a mix of culture and social life. Inniswood has several private and public schools and many comfortable apartments and condominiums.

Monticello is also a popular neighborhood in Baton Rouge, being bounded by Greenwell Springs Road and South Choctaw Drive. This is a rather smaller community than the others, but it has a nice charm other areas don`t. The restaurants, shops, and stores here are cute and cheap, and there are many other attractions to see in the area. The renting department is well represented here, with apartments and converted homes.

These neighborhoods are great places to live in Baton Rouge, as they have their own charm, originality and uniqueness. Moving into any of these areas will become a pleasant life experience.